Q: What is Mine Money?

A: Mine Money is The Mine Life’s exchangeable currency! You can exchange Mine Money for almost anything on the site: gift cards, shopping sprees, even more play!! You don’t even need to play our Premium Games to win Mine Money (though the more you do, the more you win!), you can win them in our Free Games, as well as in the WinCube! Want to increase your Mine Money winnings? Play those Premium Mines! You earn over 50% in Mine Money for every Premium Mine you play!!

Q: What is a Premium Mine?

A: Want to win BIG on TheMineLife.com? Premium Mines are the fastest and easiest way to! Play a Premium Mine in one of our Premium Games to not only compete in that game, but also earn Mine Money AND Game Points! For every Premium Mine played you’ll receive half back in Mine Money AND a Game Point to accrue and exchange in the Xchange Center!

Q: What is the WinCube and where do I find it?

A: Watch the side of any game you play and you’ll notice a color-changing bar on the right side. Each time you mine, the bar grows until it gets to the top, changes color, and starts over. This is your WinCube meter! The more you mine, the higher it grows! If your mine isn’t the successful winning mine at the end of a game, you’re automatically taken to the WinCube, our proprietary way of helping you stay in the game!! The WinCube meter determines the multiplier applied to your WinCube winnings. Choose two tiles in the 30 seconds and you’re on your way to accruing points, mine Mine Money winnings, or even possibly a shopping spree! Check the “Winnings & WinCubes” tab in your account (the top right most link in the TheMineLife.com header) for your missed WinCubes!! Every time you enter a game, you win picks in the WinCube, so if you’re not in the browser when a game ends, you can always visit the WinCube there!!

Q: How do I receive my winnings?

A: No sorcery here! It’s as easy to exchange and choose your rewards as it is to play!! Simply visit the Xchange Center! Once there, choose the brand and the amount! Then choose the shipping option! Confirm and Collect!! Want to multiply your winnings? The Xchange Center is where you can also trade Mine Mine into more opportunities to play!! The more you play, the more you win!!

Q: What are Game Points in the Free Games?

A: Game Points are our free currency. Accrue 1,000 Game Points for 1 Game Mine in free play!! Accrue 1,000,000 Game Points and we’ll give you 25 FREE Premium Mines!!

Q: What are the win limits?

A: The win limits for Premium Games are 3 per day. The win limits for Free Games are unlimited!! Keep playing those Free Games to accrue Game Points!! Turn those Game Points into more free play!! The win limits for Free Games with gift cards or Mine Money for rewards is 2 per day.

Q: When will I get my winnings?

A: Processing takes from 3-7 business days. Choose the email option when exchanging your rewards for fastest, safest & environmentally friendliest delivery.

Q: What is the difference between Free Games and Premium Games?

A: Anyone can enter our Free Games – even without entering a credit card!! Premium Games require the use of Premium Mines which you purchase here or win in the Free Games! To learn more about playing Free and Premium Games go to the How To Win and Tutorials. You win free play just for completing the tutorials! We pay YOU to learn how to win!

Q: Do you accept PayPal?

A: We do!

Q: What is this random charge for $14?

A: The $14 charge that you receive protects you when you select rewards shipped via postal mail. Rewards shipped via postal mail require additional security and card activation. If possible, elect to have your rewards emailed because it is faster, safer and do not have any fees. If you want to multiply your winnings, turn them back into Mines!!

Q: I was experiencing lag. Was there a problem with the site today?

A: If you’re experiencing a log in your games we suggest clearing your cookies and browsing history. Additionally, having other windows or tabs open can slow down your TheMineLife.com experience. Streaming music or videos on the same device may also slow down your Mining. Please clear your browsing history and cookies and close any other programs before contacting support. We want you to have a wonderful winning experience, so if you continue having problems please email us at [email protected] Sending us screenshots or video of your desktop as your having problems will help us solve technical problems much faster!