The easiest way to learn about the features and functions of The Mine Life is to do our tutorials. Our tutorials are our investments in you: complete them for FREE PLAY.

Yes, we pay YOU to learn how to play OUR games!!

Otherwise, click around. Here you’ll always have a Chip and a Chair. We’ve crafted an online entertainment and shopping game that allows players of both our Free and Premium Games to play as long as they want – even without entering a credit card!

Don’t want to buy a Premium Play Pack just yet? No worries!! will let you play anyway! Just throw your hand into the ring of a Free Game and you could accrue enough points to enter our Premium Games!

Ready to win big? Head here to purchase our Premium Play packs and Mine Away!!

Our WinCube allows players to continue their gaming experience even if their Mine isn’t the winning one! Head to the WinCube after every game you Mine in for the opportunity to win Game Points, Free Mines, even Mine Dollars. All three are exchangeable for real rewards like shopping sprees and more free play in our Xchange center!


Setting up an Account on is super easy – and you don’t even need a credit card!

Just go to "Account" and select "My Account" to begin. Once you’ve confirmed your account from the email we’ll send you (If you don’t immediately receive this email from TheMineLife, check your spam folder!), you can now play the Free Games (which give you up to 20 free Mines per game!).

Ready to win big? To purchase Mine Packs for playing in our Premium Games:

  • Click "Buy More Mines." Select a "Premium Pack or Game Pack," then fill out the payment information with an active credit card and start mining away!

Visit the Xchange center to collect your winnings or continue into the WinCube to earn more free play!! Every time you enter a game, you win picks in the WinCube, so if you’re not in the browser when a game ends, you can always visit the WinCube in the account tab to earn Game Points, Mine Money, and more!!


This is Mine Money. Mine Money is the easily exchangeable currency of You can earn Mine Dollars by playing your Premium Mines. The more you play, the more Mine Money you win! Each and every Premium Mine you play gives you back up to $.50 in Mine Money! Take that to the WinCube and you could win an additional 10%! At that rate, it doesn’t take long to accrue enough Mine Money to keep buying more Premium Mines!!

Mine Points. You get Mine Points by doing nearly anything on the site. Hit refresh and you’ll probably get one (just kidding on that one). But seriously, play a Premium Mine, you get a Mine Point. Lose a game...doesn’t matter because you win picks in the WinCube. Most WinCube winnings: Mine Points. Win free games, win a lot of Mine Points. You can accrue enough Mine Points to turn them into both Premium Mines and Game Mines! Keep winning!

Premium Mines. Playing Premium Mines are the easiest and quickest way to win big on Not only do Premium Mines let you into the biggest games on, each and every time you play a Premium Mine you receive one Mine Point, as well as up to $0.50 in Mine Money back!! It’s like we’re paying YOU to play!

Premium Mine Chips. Premium Mine chips are the fraternal twin of the Premium Mine. They’re not identical because only Premium Mines give you up to half back in Mine Money, but you can use Premium Mine Chips to win big in Premium Games.

Game Mines. Game Mines are FREE Play. You can get up to 50 Game Mines from each and every Free Game on the site. You can even play Game Mines without entering your Credit Card information on the site! Turn your Game Point winnings into more Game Mines to accrue enough points to bank a few Premium Mines!

While each game gives you its own free Game Mines, you can also purchase additional Game Mines from the Account tab or by clicking Game Reload in the header once you’ve entered your Credit Card information. That way you can always stay in a game without having to move to the next!!

Game Points. You get Game Points by doing nearly anything on the site. Hit refresh and you’ll probably get one (just kidding on that one). But seriously, play a Premium Mine, you get a Mine Point, play a Free Game and you get Mine Points! Lose a game...doesn’t matter because you win picks in the WinCube. Most WinCube winnings: Game Points. Win free games, win a lot of Game Points. You can accrue enough Game Points to turn them into both Premium Mines and Game Mines! Keep winning!


Mining is as simple as pointing your mouse… and clicking on any button that says “Mine” or “Free Mine”. It’s that simple.

Don’t want to buy Premium Mines until you get the hang of it. Click Mine on any free game to win Free Mines for that game!! Play those for a chance to accrue Game Points and other rewards! Our Free Games even give you access to the WinCube, where you can win even more!!

When you’re winning a game, the game icon on the left of your game’s header will change to a winner trophy with a bright yellow background! If you’re out-Mined by another player, the trophy will disappear and you’ll need to Mine again to become the leader! We’ve even made it easy for you to Mine automatically! Just set the Auto-Mine and fill in the criteria of your Mining strategy: how many Mines you’re willing to play and at what game amount you’d like it to start!

Once set, the Auto-Mine feature will turn colors to indicate how many Mines you have left!:

  • Green: You’re stocked up and ready to win!
  • Orange: The auto-Mine feature turns yellow when you have six Mines left! Click the reload button in the header to ensure you don’t run out!
  • Red: You’ve run out of Mines! Reset it, quickly to get back in the game!

Turning off the auto-Mine feature is just as easy. Once engaged, click “unset auto” at the bottom of the desired game and you’ll be back live to Mine yourself!! Run out of Mines? Just click reload. It’s simple and it’s fast. In fact, you can set the reload to automatically reload with a preapproved amount so that you NEVER miss an opportunity to Mine!


Our Free Games are easy to play! You don’t even need a credit card! Simply find a game that says: Free Mine and click it. From there, you’re taken to the chance to win up to 50 FREE Game Mines for that particular game.

Play these mines yourself or setup an auto-mine to watch the house mine for you and you’re off and rolling. Just like our Premium Games, once someone mines after the timer enters its ten second countdown, it automatically resets up to 20 seconds giving other users the chance to participate again. When the time expires, the game ends and the last person to Mine wins! On our free games you can win gift cards, Game Mines, AND Game Points in the game that can all be used to earn your way to the premium games!

If you run out of your free Mines for that game and want to keep going, continuing with it is as easy as clicking “Xchange” at the top of the site. In the Xchange, you can convert any Mine Dollars, Mine Points, or WinCube Winnings into Free Mines to keep winning! There’s no limit to how many free games you play in a day, so keep building up those rewards!! If you’re really keen to win that game, click Game in the header to purchase Game Mines for that or any other game!!

Even our Free Games give you a shot at the WinCube, so once the game is over, head over to the WinCube (your game turns into a WinCube link or look for Winnings and WinCubes in the Account tab.)

To maximize your WinCube winnings, keep an eye out on the right side of your game box to keep track of your WinCube level meter. It’s the color changing strip that grows with each mine you place. When it reaches the top and resets with a new color, you’ve reached a new level of winnings! The more levels you achieve, the bigger the rewards in the WinCube! WinCube winnings include shopping sprees, Game Points, and even Mine Money, all which can be exchanged for MORE play if you’re not ready to quit winning!


You can tell the Premium Games apart from the Free Games by the icon at the top left-hand corner of the game. If it’s a wrapped box, it’s a Free Game and you don’t even need a credit card to play! If it’s a gift card, you’ll either need to accrue enough Game Points in the Free Games to exchange into Premium Mines or purchase a Premium Play Pack. We’ve worked really hard to ensure that no matter which Premium Pack fits your budget, you’ll receive a robust playing experience that continues long after you play your Mines.

Just like our Free Games, if yours isn’t the successful winning mine, The Mine Life automatically sends you to the WinCube for guaranteed rewards. Be sure to keep track of your WinCube level meter on the right of the "Mine" button because the more you mine, the bigger the rewards!


Want to win bigger and faster than just playing the Free Games! Buy some Mines!! It’s super easy and once you’ve set up your account, you can even select the Premium reload button in the header to automatically reload your Mines to keep you in the game!


Watch the timer! Once the timer reaches 0:10 seconds in its countdown, it turns red and one of our favorite features takes over. Once the timer is in the last ten seconds, every Mine played adds up to 0:20 seconds to the countdown allowing others the opportunity to play again. Once everyone stops Mining and the timer reaches zero, the game ends and the last person to Mine wins the right to purchase the item for the final price!

Here at, we’ve adopted a “you’ll always have a chip and you’ll always have a chair” attitude. We never want you to feel like once your purchased play packs run out, you’re simply done playing. To ensure that, we created the WinCube. There are two outcomes to every game on You either win… or you go to the WinCube!! If you didn’t win a Premium Game, you can win Premium Mines, Voucher Mines, Mine Dollars, Mine Points, or even Shopping Sprees and Gift Cards in the WinCube! If you didn’t win a Free Game, you can win Premium Mines, Voucher Mines, Game Mines, or Game Points in the WinCube.

All of your WinCube rewards are multiplied based on how many times you Mine on the game. So watch the WinCube meter on the right side of each of the games you’re playing to see what your WinCube Multiplier is! The more you Mine, the more you can win in the WinCube!!

In Premium Games, the maximum WinCube Multiplier is over 180%! Since the Multiplier is based on how many times you Mine in a given game, the more popular a game is, the more of a Multiplier you can achieve! Was your Multiplier extraordinarily high?! If so, let us know just how big it is by posting on your Facebook page! Don’t forget to tag us!!

In the Free Games, the Multiplier can be even larger than 180%!! Since it’s based on how many times you mine in a game, we don’t actually know how big it can be!! So, watch that WinCube meter and let us know if you come across a Multiplier that makes your jaw drop!!

COMMAND CENTER – Never Miss a Game!!

Next to the Mine Button on each game, you’ll see a computer monitor stand with six monitors on it. By clicking this, you move that game from our home page to your Command Center. We’ve built the Command Center into a powerful tool where you can follow games that you’re winning, interested in joining, or just spying on!! Like our home page, they’ll be organized by time remaining, but you can drag and drop them into any order you wish!!


  • Travel. Look here for great rewards that get you to your next adventure.
  • Entertainment. Want to check out rewards for concerts, movies, sporting events and nightlife events? Click Entertainment in the header and will show you all the games with rewards in this category!
  • Products. Need a laptop, iPad, or other product? Look here! We’ve got ‘em.
  • Gift Cards. Who doesn’t like good, cold, hard cash? Play these games to win gift cards and shopping sprees that are as good as cash to one of the many stores on the site!
  • Voucher Packages. Running low on Mines? Play these games to stay in the game. All of the games in the voucher package feature rewards that keep you playing!!
  • Free. Free means, well, just that! Free!! Neatly organized to show you every game you can play without entering your credit card, the free tab is the place to go when you just want to play. But don’t worry, playing for free doesn’t keep you from winning big on Accrue enough points and you can go right to the Premium Games!!